Chinese Food

Chinese Food

Wednesday March 21, 2018

Last week I had a hankering for some Chinese cuisine and had been wanting to try some of it with my friend. I ordered 2 egg rolls, a set of crab rangoon, an order of pork with broccoli, hot and sour soup and a chicken vermicelli bowl from Sichuan Chili. The total came up to about $31 or so. They threw in soy sauce and mustard condiments, fortune cookie, chop sticks, a container of rice and some forks. I think the most delicious think I had was just the various combination of flavors and I just doused my palate with it and some bottled water. I was able to have a sit-down meal and talk about my week and enjoy everything. Chinese food has always been a treat for me because it just tastes amazing and is relatively healthy with the amount of vegetables and color and relatively inexpensive with the amount of portions one receives.

Egg Rolls … 2 @ 1.50 = $3

Crab Rangoon …         = $3.99

Hot and Sour Soup … = $2.99

Pork with Broccoli …   = $11.99

Chicken Vermicelli … = $9.99

= $31.96

Tax @ 5.5 …                = $1.76

Total                             = $33.72


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