Should you settle or not settle

Should you settle or not settle

Monday, March 26, 2018

If you know you can get something better than don’t settle. Sometimes though things you can’t quite change you have to make peace with yourself though. Relationships I think are easy at first. Find someone you click with, has enough similar interests and thought processes and can have fun and enjoy creature comforts with and then spend time together. I think the problem with relationships are societal expectations. Society places so many restrictions and rules on courtship and what to expect and what you should do and how much you should spend or who should pay for what. You shouldn’t let anyone dictate your happiness or expectations because the world can be jealous or petty about things or talk just to talk. I remember hearing a piece of advice about going out onto the street and standing there for about half an hour and see how many people pay attention to you really. Most people are so busy they really couldn’t care less to talk about you and thus it’s all in your head that people care what you think or how you look. Most of the times if they do talk it’s in passing or because their own boring lives are somehow entertained by talking about someone else’s life.


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