Automating your love

Automating your love

Monday, March 26, 2018

No, I’m not really talking about kinky robots in this blog post, but that would be something to think about in the future, wouldn’t it? They are talking about how it would be possible to create a new living organism with DNA through tissue nanotransfection. I think I see a lot of futuristic concepts in Rick and Morty episodes such as talks about simulations and the one where Morty ends up with a son when he buys a robotic toy from a special shop on one of his adventures with Rick. This article isn’t really about that although it makes me wonder if in the future there’s any difference between wires and silicone and plastic meshes versus flesh, nerves and bone. What this article is concerning is about how a lot of apps now just have you stare at a few photos and swipe left for no and swipe right for yes. Basically, it’s a cattle call or meat market and you’re deciding your future spouse or dating partner based on a picture. Talk about judging a book by its cover. I understand humans are driven by lust and physical and emotions. And what we want isn’t always logical. But if it’s just a simple matter of saying yes to certain opportunities then for people that are at or below average, wouldn’t it be more advantageous to swipe right and take the chance that you can decide not to go out with someone later? I know the upper 5% in physical appearance probably would have no major issues getting a date although even ladies get spam and probably have to weed through more solicitations than men. I have tried to test my hypothesis with automated macros and bots and computer aids because you could just as easily cut and paste text and have actually found I get a few responses but the turnaround conversion to date ratio hasn’t always been great. Maybe I need to up my conversational game. However, if we could automate something so emotional and dear to our hearts as this then the implications of applying this technology to other areas of our lives where we could passively or idly sit by and wait as your online billboard for love gets you a score queue full of dates or help us with things like money and travel etc. to improve any area of our life has untold innumerable advantages. So now that my phone can basically be my personal wing-man or blind-date finder I should be able to find Ms. Right or multiple Ms. Rights… any day now. There was a study by mathematician Gottman that the quite attractive Hannah Fry of TEDx renown gave a lecture upon. She stated that the study suggests that you will have optimal stopping strategy mathematically when dating if you basically pick the 37th partner after 100 dates because the ones before were no good and the ones after you have diminishing returns… Basically the study was about when your best probably of finding a life partner was around your 36th or 37th dating partner.

If we just play probabilities and forego feelings we have lost some essence of humanness and just taking life at chance and probabilities and then in that sense do we really choose our partner or are we just subject to randomness in the void?


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