Be aware of what food you put in your body

Be aware of what food you put in your body
Monday, March 26, 2018
I think that one should go find their BMI’s, blood pressure, blood types and allergies to figure out what their body is tailored to eat. I think it should be provided by more health screenings and more affordable. Good healthy living should not have to be a luxury only afforded to wealthy people but should be a right like being able to talk or go to sleep or listening to music concerts. There should probably be more free health screenings and health events. If flu vaccines and mammograms are given out or it’s easy to donate blood, why not also allergy tests or occasionally free eye exams and dental checkups or massage therapy. I think there should be a health week even every 6 months where people can go in and get some free health screening periodically with no agenda other than to ensure people get a periodic check up to help them out. Heck, why stop at that and why not car checkups or even some other even. You see churches give occasional food and sermons. Why not something like that? Or like a fish fry or some similar festival themed event? Birth control or hygiene pad giveaways. Restaurants can offer meals like they do to Vets on Veteran’s Day and other places can do checkups. Good health should be available for everyone.


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