Beware of disingenuous news and misinformation

Beware of disingenuous news and misinformation

Monday, March 26, 2018

During 2017, there was a trending hashtag of #fakenews. This applies not just to politics but all things on the internet and tabloids. Their job is to sell magazines or articles. Movies are to sell tickets. The more sensational and far out and fantastic the more likely you will want to go watch and sometimes even waste your money. Even some training programs that you sign up for promises results to make you several thousand dollars or some new diet program. There are a lot of things vying for your attention and money. Just because there is more news and information now doesn’t mean that people are smarter. There is now more noise and confusion and conflicting issues than there ever was. So be careful who’s plate you eat off of and what you digest.


Author: savvywealthmedia

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