Cars are expensive and so is work

Cars are expensive and so is work

Monday, March 26, 2018

Cars get to become expensive after a while. You have to pay like $271 or almost $300 for car insurance every 6 months. You have to pay for a driver’s license which is $30 or so and Renewal Stickers for your license which is about $100 or so for 2 years. You have to pay for gas which is about $30 every two weeks. You have to pay for oil changes and windshield wiper fluids, Tires… and other maintenance. If you didn’t have to use it to get to work so often you could probably save a lot of money. I see people using buses or getting reimbursement for riding the bus. I see parking tickets and speeding tickets. I see parking lot and garage fees and toll roads and parking meter fees. You have to pay for lunch and work clothes. You have to sometimes wash work clothes or have a brief case. So working from home would be the ideal. Day trading or blogging or having your own studio.


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