Get your house in Order

Get your house in Order

Monday, March 26, 2018

Last Will & Testament…. You never know when you need to get your house in order.

There was a point last year where a close relative of ours was ill and needing additional care. You go through life and are so focused on work or dating or what society tells you that you need to focus on or being a good employee that you lose perspective and don’t realize till you are confronted with life and death or lack and insufficient or instability that life really comes to focus. I think that sometimes if you don’t lie awake at night wondering about your life or wishing for something better or having a hunger to survive or struggle, hustle and survive then you really aren’t living. The need to hustle and survive is inbred? Or comes naturally to us. We’re born to compete and outdo others but really in life the ultimate person you need to compete against is yourself because the only one going into the box is just you. You came into the world alone (unless you were a twin or something) and you most likely will have to deal with a lot of life struggles alone. I sometimes am reminded to tell others that the one that cares the most about you. “No one cares more about your business than you.” So mind your house. Mind your business and take care of your affairs. In the end we all end up old and it’s not always pleasant or at the forefront to think this will happen but it helps you wipe away the illusions and bull.s. in life. The illness helped my relative realize that life is short and to keep working is futile because you can’t take it all with you. And when everything was all good at the end that a renewed sense of life when you’re at the brink and looking six feet down is humbling. That’s what falling does. It helps you refocus. Fall one time, but don’t fall too many. When you do get back up stronger and learn from what happened. The will, that’s something you need to think about for yourself, what kind of legacy are you leaving behind. What are you leaving behind for others. Will you have kids. Will you leave behind what you have for your wife. Will you one day give it all away or to a museum. Andrew Carnegie was incredibly rich and he is not only know for his riches but also his works and contribution to the cultural and fine art. Alfred Nobel who created dynamite was thought to be the bringer of destruction and had an incident that changed what how he wanted to be remembered. Somehow a headline in a newspaper had confused him with his brother who was the one that had died. And the paper called him the “merchant of death” as finally dying himself. Nobel was appalled that his legacy would be remembered as such and devoted a good part of his life and riches from his invention to the Nobel Peace prizes to encourage innovation and the betterment for mankind.

Life is unpredictable and you never know when you will need to have a backup plan. Empires fall. Winter comes, be prepared for it.


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