Plan ahead and have goals and how to get there

Plan ahead and have goals and how to get there

Monday, March 26, 2018

I read somewhere once that there were these set of baseball players or sports players that played their game and shoots at twice the speed as normal or had the pitching machine pitch twice as fast or worked twice as fast so that when they were in actual game it was like child’s play and everything slowed down. Military does drills and people that act rehearse the lines so often that they become the character and are used to it. People that practice martial arts are so used to the repetitive moves and blocks and punching and hits that when they are in a real fight scenario they have a competitive advantage over most other people. So if you have a company or scenario it’s a good idea to conduct drills or simulations. Schools conduct fire and tornado drills. Some places of work conduct other kinds of drills. So it’s a good idea to simulate things beforehand so you can previsualize how things may be in all kinds of different scenarios and have an idea how to react. I think pilots also have ways they can simulate events and even books and things people are taught are ways to get that simulation. In a way typing things onto a screen is a previsualization of manuscripts that get printed out and weather forecasters also try to predict how weather events will turn out. This includes climate forecasters and stock chart analysts. Everyone wants to predict the future so don’t be cause without a plan.


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