Put in some off days

Monday, March 26, 2018

Put in some off days geez darnit!! Who do you think you are Superman? Do you think your job is gonna miss you for a day or two or three? They were there before you and they will be there long after you’ve gotten the pink slip or passed out at your desk and the EMT’s have to carry you away. No amount of work is worth your health and well-being. I have seen some people over the years and they end up with receding hair lines and tons of gray after a few years. Have you ever seen the Pres? They have the highest stress type jobs in the world handling everything in their nation. With great power comes great responsibility Spidey, but you’re not that kind of web crawler and can probably afford a few days away. Heck even the man in charge takes a few weeks to go on a golf vacation or to a fine island getaway. Take a vacation, take a few days off and go spend some of the money you earned, eat a turkey leg, have some nice drinks and chocolate and spend it with a loved one and have a banging good time. You will thank me. And you’ll have stories to tell. You’re be a more interesting person and you’ll be refreshed. The stars and heavens will align cause you’ll be a bit more focused about what you want… More time you want so that when you are doing something you don’t want you’ll be more focused to get what you do want.


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