Teaching skills

Teaching skills

Monday, March 26, 2018

I think teaching a skill is a very important thing to do and pass wisdom onto the next generation. Whether you’re training someone at work or teaching them finance, knitting or giving them advice you can also turn that into monetary and marketable skills. Being a mentor not only reinforces your skill or teaches new ways to think about things or explains things. It helps you figure out if your theories about what you’re teaching are sound or not. It also helps prevent mistakes by others. They get to simulate reality through you before things happen so in a way they don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Can you imagine if you didn’t have teachers we would have to have fire reinvented all the time and how to learn simple tasks and figure out language and fundamental rules like mathematics or that gravity makes things fall from the sky. Maybe in a different universe things would be different. In the future life will be an informational war between the haves and have nots and if the computers and robots don’t beat us at this game then people will use censorship, media suppression or propaganda to push their agendas and lead you to believe only one way of thinking without question.


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