The POWER of books

The POWER of books

Monday, March 26, 2018

I admit it, not everyone has the same way of learning and so some people will appreciate this snippet of wisdom and some won’t. Not everyone is a book person and they might get more from lectures or teachers and mentors that give them on hands experience. I was learning knitting at one point and time and trying to decipher the illustrations on which way the needle was supposed to go was confusing but show me a video or have an instructor standing besides me and oh boy it was the difference between night and day. (Any better cliché?) So there was one particular book that I found to be really good and that was the 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene. If there was ever a somewhat entertaining read this is it. It details and shells out various tidbits of wisdom that is mired in anecdotes, fables and truth sayings interspersed with tales of emperors, kings and kingdoms, mistresses and tales of intrigue. I am only about a fourth of the way through but from what I’ve read it is quite fascinating and dense in material.

One good lesson it talks about is the law of not giving away all your power and leaving a bit of things unsaid. The more you say, the more commonplace you seem and so part of the balance of these blogs is giving insight without boring and giving away secrets that could be too personal and financial in nature.



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