Try not to Sweat the Small Stuff

Try not to Sweat the Small Stuff

Monday, March 26, 2018

You will have things that happen that bother or bug you. Try to come up with creative solutions to deal with it:

Someone took your Facebook photo and shared without permission.

Your SpeedTest on your cable internet is not working at optimal speeds

You might have to move around your office space because someone is doing new carpeting and all the stuff in your room is going to have to be moved

Someone wanted you have you go on a blind date and they didn’t notify you in advance

You tried to get in contact with the tax office and they haven’t contacted you back.

Your car needs multiple repairs from the rubber falling off near the door or the tires needing replaced

You have some unknown allergy under your skin and not sure if canola oil or nuts or peanuts or walnuts or rice related or microwave or soap or sanitation or detergent related. Have you washed your clothes lately?

The bed you ordered is causing neck pain or maybe it’s the bus ride.

You’re getting carpal tunnel from typing so much on your blog.

Work has you sitting down and you have to do repetitive menial tasks.

The lights in your workstation are bothering you or you fear there’s some weird radiation.

Not sure if gloves or lotion allergies

You burn your self on microwaved food rushing to eat it at lunch.

You don’t have much time to go to bathroom or rush to the post office at lunch.

The coupon you got that you thought would help you expired or doesn’t apply.

The glass jar you bought for decoration shatters in your hand.

You stab or prick your hand unexpectedly doing artwork.

You need new gel insoles.

You need a new driver license in several months from now.

You’re not sure if you’re heart is healthy but haven’t exercised in months and worried about your salt intake and chest.

The beans you had earlier that day were delicious but now you’re on a spontaneous hot date with a girl and trying not to soil and embarrass yourself.

You forgot to tell her you’re lactose intolerant after she cooks her first meal for you.

You are trying to impress this girl but have to fess up you lived with parents after college and changed majors around multiple times. She tells you she understands and had to do it too which is a relief but still doesn’t take away the embarrassment that you should be at a better point in life.

You realize you should go out to socialize and meet people but not sure if you should be worrying more on stocks and investments or your arts passion or working on a blog.

Over time all these annoyances build up. So you need something to calm you down.


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