Wealth Attraction

Wealth Attraction

Monday, March 26, 2018

Recently I started looking into money and coins in mason jars and crystals. They are supposed to help you focus your goals. You have to surround yourself with people that are successful and goal driven to help you keep focused on what’s important in life. Sometimes you can get sidetracked. Motivational podcasts and videos on YouTube I found was my saving grace in a period when I had this girl I was seeing. So mason jars filled with bright shiny coins, lucky elephant figures from India and semi-precious crystal gems help remind you what your goals are in life. It doesn’t hurt to hold some precious metals or high tech equipment and have wallpaper that keeps your eye on the prize and reminds you every day to keep laser focused. The more you concentrate your mind on one thing the more you likely you will take action on that thing. Thoughts lead to speech, actions, behaviors and ultimately your lifestyle.


Author: savvywealthmedia

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