Colognes and Perfumes

Colognes and Perfumes

Friday, March 30, 2018

I have a love hate relationship with colognes and perfumes. Ever since I was younger I remember some of the closest people in my lives just simply from a scent they had and it was a mixed bag of nostalgia and watery noses.

I went through high school and such without any real need to use colognes but I never was big in the dating scene at the time. Although I do remember getting a small sampler of Clinique Happy. And then there was also the question of whether to use deoderant or not. In college I noticed one of my roommates was a 6’2″ stud and tall blonde and blue eyed. He said he had worked in bars to pay his way and would always go clubbing and drinking and partying on weekends. He had a stash of colognes in his closet of at least 20 different scents and colognes.

I never got into doing any of that until past my prime after college. Granted I would have wanted to maybe if my life was different and younger I don’t really regret any of it at this moment because I suppose I saved a bundle of money. Colognes and perfumes are kind of expensive. They have different kinds of purity levels and sizes and thus depending on the purity levels they can be much harder to get the right scent for a particular sample.

I think I’m allergic to cat fur but need to test that out. I recently had some issues with perfume and cologne every time I’m hanging out with a lady either her nose is dripping or mine is… And I had hives and itching also so maybe it’s the cats?

But nonetheless I did some of my own research to find some of the best colognes. The kind also varies depending on the generation and what age group you ask. I’ve looked all over Google and Men’s forums and also a few other favorite sites like Fragrantica and Basenotes to find component combinations. So it is a science and project in itself.

See Lifehacker’s explanation of this:

A person’s first impression in the first 15 seconds lasts a very long time and so having a confident but not overpowering scent can work wonders in creating a signature presence but it’s also about attitude. And scents are just one way to define a person. Dress and wardrobe, manner of speaking and body language is also important facets of creating the life that you want.

Tips for applying cologne:

  • Get a sampler from the store or a little tester
  • Apply to sweat spots like chest or wrist in public
  • One spray or spritz only is usually enough or two if it’s a lighter scent
  • Wait a few minutes as its scent changes over time.
  • Muskier scents should be used in winter and clubs
  • Lighter or citrusy fruit scents are better for summer
  • Don’t use too much and be aware of people with allergies.

Have a favorite cologne, scent, memory from someone with perfume? Tell us what your cologne tips and tricks are below?

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