Food that is using fillers and substitutes

Food that is using fillers and substitutes

Wednesday, March 30, 2018

Beware of meat that uses substitutes and fillers. They might put cheap things in there like soybeans. Gluten and MSG also causes sensitivity in some people. I read MSG is a subtle neurotoxin? Not sure if that is true but I am actually cutting out Ramen and a lot of prepackaged foods to eat more natural. It is healthier for my skin and overall health.

A few months ago I started having allergies on my wrists and my hands and think I found out I’m allergic to certain scents and perfumes and some would give me hives but I realized that food can also be a culprit and started looking at ingredients too. This included hamburgers. To my surprise a lot of meats included extra water and meat juice injections. Quite a few have a generic “spices” or will add tumeric or oleoresin. And it is disconcerting when you buy hamburgers you’re thinking you’re getting pure meat but some add soy flour or salts etc. So when you go out and buy things like burgers and potatoes. Make sure you are getting exactly what you want. Even chicken breasts sometimes say they contain up to 2% of chicken broth solutions and things like that so it adds to the weight and you’re actually getting less meat for your money.


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