Oil painting

Oil painting

Friday, April 13, 2018

With all the fun ordering I’ve been doing I think ordering an oil painting one day would be great to add to my collection of collectibles.

A lot of rich people have different kinds of assets and don’t just have stocks or cash in their portfolios. They also have collectibles. They have fine art, silverware, paintings, statues, books and other things that are worth of value. They have money so that they can live and not just have money so that they have money. Basically if you work just to work then you’re missing half of the picture.

Rich folks are more likely to have their assets spread across multiple items for example and might have a really nice violin or rare piece of art. So people also collect cars, stamps, or doll collections.

There is a man in Japan that collects Hello Kitty because it makes him feel relaxed. And some people collect comic books or comic book items.

If you are counting your net worth, don’t forget that it may not all be cash or fancy cards or credit cards. Sometimes it’s a fine piece of China or porcelain-ware that is part of your estate and that you should treasure.


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