Back and neck alignment

Back and neck alignment

Monday, April 16, 2018

I believe I am more in alignment today than I have been in the past few days. I think riding on the bus had me all messed up and that I am finally sitting properly at work and aligned properly. I hope to keep ergonomic for the next few days.  Need to stop sitting in front of computers and texting on the cellphone and staring down so much. Cellphone neck is bad for you!! I have a crick in the back of my neck now still. I think will take a few more days of trying to be in alignment to be okay.

Some lady said I might want to consider some kind of lumbar support also for my chair as it seems that I am quite messed up lately. The chair doesn’t allow proper lean back at work. Neck still a bit crunchy but not in as much pain since I decided to sleep on that new pillow more properly. It’s amazing how important good sleep and chair and ergonomics are. Finally figured out how to tilt my chair back. Left side tilts seat back. The right side raises it up and down.


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