Package Delivery

Package Delivery

Monday, April 16, 2018

One day I would like to see 24/7 package delivery. There is no reason why packages cannot be delivered on Sunday. Just because most businesses are closed doesn’t mean that some people that want to side hustle can’t make money on weekdays or holidays or that drones and machines can’t do it. If someone won’t do it someone else will one day.

There was a package that finally arrived at Walmart from when I ordered on the 9th. It took a long time and an extra two days simply because it fell on the weekend. I can’t wait to swing by the store and get my grubby little hands on those Tupperware type storage bins I been eyeing and looking at like a greedy bast–r… Grin.

A customer shouldn’t have to wait for packages to arrive just because the day falls on the weekend. In the future I propose that if USPS won’t deliver packages on Sundays or holidays that somewhere someone does or a machine or locker has this capability. This is why Amazon will surpass a lot of these companies. Some of the prices there are someyimes pricier than in store but they hire some people to make deliveries and pay them to side hustle on weekends. I think USPS because of how big it is can’t do it due to their contracts and regulations.

Too big…


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