Today I drove to work for PT

Today I drove to work for PT

Friday, May 04, 2018

This morning I got a text from J.W. talking about how she was and that she had seen a movie (I am sort of involved in the film community here). And I texted with her briefly. I had pineapple & crackers and an apple for breakfast with water.

I left the house at about 5 minutes before 7 and got to work around 7:40am. I am going to P.T. today. My head had a minor headache on right side for a brief moment. Was this due to not enough protein? My neck was not hurting though. I slept with no pillow and changed my body to face west. I also had gotten my tin, zinc, copper, and Yugo’s (Yugoslavian dollars) yesterday through eBay. I wrapped up the items and put them in bins. There are a lot of changes happening. I also registered for the May 31st Business Record-keeping Appointment that SBDC was offering by email.

When I drove downtown I didn’t have to make a U-turn / turn around just to enter the parking lot. I think I took I-75 South and took the Exit 1B-1A North 71 to 471, East 50 to East 52. That took me onto Plum street then 3rd then Central then Mehring Way and then I took a left onto Pete Rose, past Broadway and into the garage. I think it was 1B-1A 71 East 50, 471 East 52. Don’t quote me on these directions. I think somewhere I had to do an exit onto 5th St. Plum to 3rd to Central. I may have went onto Central and Ohio Scenic Byway up to East Pete and Left past Broadway to ABM parking. I likely could have taken the 2nd St exit also.


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