Looking to be a great week ahead!

Looking to be a great week ahead!

Monday, May 07, 2018

I seem to have some rashing going on this morning. And all I had was some Minute Maid Fruit Punch and a hamburger bun from with strawberry preserves jam and some Kroger potato chips which uses sunflower oil. I’m not sure why I have some forming on the back of my hand by the time I get to work. It is like petechiae.

My physical therapist said that at work I need to put a cushion or sweater between the lower back and the chair to give myself some lumbar support. She said to turn my whole body instead of just my head. And also she recommended no heavy lifting for now like bench presses or machine bench presses.

I alternated between sleeping on my left and then right side with a pillow propped under me. I also put some padding between the thighs. I don’t seem to have lower neck pain today. There’s was still a bit of crunchy discomfort and popping when I woke up around 3 or 4 to use the restroom last night though but when I woke up this morning I had a nice sweaty nap.

My PT recommended chin tucks. And also, some raises with my arms spread out lying down and squeezing my shoulder blades toward each other. She also recommended backward shoulder rolls.

It was a fun weekend and I did some filming with some of my friends. Friday I went to P.T. and left at 2pm so I could get there and attend my P.T. session on time. I had paid $5 for parking at the AMB parking and then walked to work. It was a nice day. J.W. also had messaged me and I wished her a happy May 4th. I went to get a short summer haircut at our local barber shop and the place was completely packed. They said they were closing at 5pm but I arrived at 4:30pm. After waiting about 2 customers I was able to be seen. When I went home family was pulling stuff into the garage in anticipation of the carpeting and floor laminate installation. I helped wrap up a monitor, keyboard, speakers, printer, computer, backup battery surge supply and shredder. I used a Duck brand shrink wrap and we also had some bubble wrap in our garage.

Saturday I went over to T’s place and watched She-Ra and then we hung out. She fell asleep. I tried some therapy exercises there also and then ordered pizza and did a show & tell and then relaxed and left. It was about 12:30 when I left. The house had some white foam (renovation for carpeting?). I brushed teeth and put on the neck sofa and went to sleep.

Sunday, had I breakfast. I went to set and it was boring and not a lot of talking at first but then we started doing dance scenes and then the limbo scene and shots and pool. And then I finally had lunch which was basically a Manwich (spicy chili style beef) with some potato or BBQ chips, some pasta salad and some water. Then we had a benefit scene and had a group picture. The last scene was impromptu for me but I happened to have some change of clothing. I also got to run to my car and experience the nice hot weather. They have a great park over there and outdoor seating.

They were posting pics on FB by 6pm. I had pizza and some juice and chips for dinner and chicken. And then this morning I see they have IMDB credits already. (My LinkedIn is looking great). It was such a great crew. I had a lot of fun. I also met two people that I had known. One from just being a client at work and their hubby was in the office also. It seems they do biz and accounting and translation and ESOL but also some theater. And also Bra—Mey—. So that was cool. They had Jenga and pool tables and an arcade.

I am putting a shirt at the top of my back to give me some upper back support and also shifting down for lower support. Break soon. Want to get biz going.

Is it pay week soon.


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