Email List Tools

Email List Tools

Monday, May 14, 2018

Nowadays if you don’t have a website then you’re pretty much missing out on a huge chunk of revenue and advertising space you could be doing. And not only that if you aren’t running an email list to retain subscribers people are just coming in and checking out and not buying anything and have no way to keep being repeat customers and you’re missing a way to have a complete relationship with your customers and audience. In the Internet startup days there were limited options and services that could allow you to do email marketing. But now that the Internet has matured there’s basically no excuse to not use available email automation software out there. You can use MailChimp, Aweber, or ConvertKit (Nathan’s company) as just a few examples to successfully manage your e-mail list.

MailChimp is an email marketing automated platform built by Ben Chestnut and Dan Kurzius. MailChimp is web based and works within web browsers. It is designed to allow you to use one list and organize them. It helps you handle email lists and also helps you create what are called “campaigns” for marketing purposes. Campaigns are messages that can be shared through email, ads or other channels. Then you can track how successful you are using reports which allows click-tracking and other analytics.

Aweber is an email marketing service which uses automation tools to allow you to tag certain subscribers and send promotional content also. This basically uses an autoresponder like MailChimp. And this and Mailchip has different pricing structures.

Convertkit basically uses automated forms to help you build an email list. They use similar ideas of the above services, but they use embedable, customizable opt-in form to send timed and targeted automatic emails using workflows based algorithms and rules. They use drag and drop interfaces and trackable report data.–fsw-39895

Apparently the are a lot of different kinds of platforms for doing similar or same tasks.

Also, some good and interesting terms to know are “Drip Marketing”. Basically these are still automatic emails but they are trigger based to make sure the audience or view gets to see certain content based on actions they take for instance if the user chooses a particular link or opt-in they will get certain emails with links or product information, all automatically so you they don’t have to miss any crucial content and you don’t have to write emails every time. It’s like having a personal relationship in an automated way. If you’ve ever studies Mystery Method or some of the dating gurus they talk about chat rooms and simulations and patterning. That people have a percentage of habitual behavior when you give them options and you can pretty much predict a majority of behavior that people will follow like a flowchart. There is the normal bell curve of behavior and then standard deviations.


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