National Hamburger Day

[Picture credit: Courtesy of Eren O.]

Monday, May 28, 2018

History of the hamburger

Where did the origin of the hamburger come from?

The 1880s? Was it Wichita Kansas 1915. Hamburgers have a deep history in America with legends and stories that range from the humble beginnings of White Castle, The Big Mac, McDonald’s, Big Boy and  In-N-Out Burger. There is something extremely filling and satisfying about biting into a nice juice freshly cooked hamburger. It’s a favorite meal of many people including Warren Buffet and Bill Gates and even many presidents.

Nowadays there are many different varieties and ways to eat it. There are tuna burgers, chili burgers, salmon burgers, burgers with feta cheese or chipotle mayo, black and bleu cheese burgers, veggie burgers, and even custom expensive burgers.

All hail the delicious hamburger.

Tell us, how do you like your burger and what do you like to eat and drink with it?

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