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Salt is bad for your health

Monday, June 11, 2018 (Updated 3/31/2019)

If you have ever been to the doctor, chances they have put that odd little pressure cuff around your upper arm and pump it full of air and then release. They are taking your blood pressure to measure if you have high blood pressure or HBP aka hypertension. It’s a very good idea to get your numbers so you can control high blood pressure.

Let’s see what are the normal ranges. First off you have to know that there are two measurements. Usually there is an upper and lower number. It’s written like 130/82. The top number is also called the Systoloic while the bottom or lower number is the Diastolic. They are measured in mm Hg for pressure readings based on old pressure gauges that used to use elemental mercury and today it is the standard unit of measurement.
The top number is usually how much pressure is being exerted against your artery walls while the second number is your resting pressure. The first number is often a major indicator of cardiovascular disease for the elderly over 50.

You want to know that there are at least 5 pressure categories. There’s normal, elevated, high blood pressure which is also known as hypertension stage 1. Then there’s stage 2 of hypertension and then finally a hypertensive crisis which needs a doctor’s assistance immediately.

The easiest way to know your category is to look at a chart.

  • Less than 120 upper number AND Less than 80 lower number is NORMAL
  • Between 120-129 AND Less than 80 is ELEVATED
  • Between 130-139 OR 80-89 is Hypertension Stage 1
  • Between 140 and above OR 90 and above is Hypertension Stage 2
  • And higher than 180 AND/ OR Higher than 120 is Hypertensive Crisis.

These numbers are taken from the American Heart Association.

What can you do?

Keep doing regular exercise and eating a balanced diet if normal.
Elevated individuals should take a few steps to reduce high blood pressure.
Hypertension Stage 1 need to make lifestyle changes or medication to reduce risk of heart attack or stroke.
Hypertension Stage 2 need to definitely do lifestyle changes and medications.

And then those in hypertensive crisis need medical attention immediately.

Sometimes risk of pressure rising is due to buildup of plaque and stiffness in the arteries.

Some things you can do if you need to manage high blood pressure include:

  • eating a well-balanced diet low in salt (less than 2300 milligrams)
  • manage your stress levels
  • get regular exercise and physical activity
  • maintain a healthy weight
  • work with a doctor and continue to take medications properly if prescribed
  • limit the amount of alcohol intake and stop smoking
  • check your blood pressure
  • eat diets rich in whole grains, fruits and vegetables and make sure your dairy is low-fat
  • avoid saturated fat and cholesterol, these last two steps are part of a “DASH diet”

I have neglected my diet for far too long and not exercised in a while. Too much time in front of the computer. Ramen is high in sodium and often has saturated fat packets also. And eating too much fried chicken and chips and no exercise can wreak havoc. Don’t neglect your health.

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