How my Sunday and weekend went 06242018

How my Sunday and weekend went
Sunday, June 24, 2018
Well, this weekend went fairly well. I went to an SBDC conference and learned about about social media marketing and got there about 10 to 15 after 9am since I had gotten the time wrong. Better late than never. And then I listened to the speakers speak. They took a few nice photos. I think Saturday not much happened just hanging at home and finding old friends to talk and text. I got most of my blog posts posted on the site except for a few stragglers. Then on Sunday I met up with my buddy J.S. Unfortunately the library out in Milford area was closed but there was a local bread restaurant we hung out and talked and talked crypto and then the stock market and also the site. I learned a bit about shorting and stocks. Talked about software and businesses and LLC and also learned my friend is into wine making. Then got my friend signed up for the site. Talked about other people trying to use the site.
I think later that evening I had navy beans and chicken, hot sauce and some vegetables like cabbage for dinner, some Fresca also. I worked on my site some more. It was too early to stake my coins and needs to be another day so will try it again later tomorrow. May meet up with my friend tomorrow.
I adjusted my pillow now to where it’s just enough fluff to keep my neck straight some but not too flat and not too shallow. Have to continuously monitor. Also not be on phone too long or look down. Crypto markets were down to 5.9k earlier and got back to 6.1k. My diet lately has maple syrup, gluten-free waffles, cherries and hot sauce. No milk or goat cheese or nuts.
Cut out the Waterpik. Need to go to bed earlier as well. Occasional tea and coffee.


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