My neck is still bugging me. And my left elbow area is still feeling odd

My neck is still bugging me. And my left elbow area is still feeling odd.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Today I woke up and my neck is still feeling strained and sore some and crackly but I have to stretch more. I also have had no problem with my rashes for the last few days. My elbow is probably from some injury when doing seated weighted arm rows. I need to continue to do these exercises and stretches for the sake of my upper body. Need to maybe run or do minor pushups. I also need to make sure to sit in my chair and pay attention to posture. Shoulders have been strained. Could be the bed.

I had some broccoli and chicken and rye bread for lunch and a rice cake. Breakfast was basically two pieces of raisin bread. I am still working on starting my site and have some friends involved but no one has taken me up much on sending vacation photos or hardly any photos. I don’t know if there’s a way to incentivize the site because the main thing is I’m trying to get the site to make money but until it’s set up correctly no one is going to really be making any money. I also have the spreadsheets I was sent by SCORE but don’t really have much data to go by to set up the site.

I also want to do a blog about overdraft fees and bad practices of some banks. I think one of my blogs will also involve business startups because it used to be that businesses didn’t need many licenses and approvals to get started and now there is a lot of hinderances and obstacles to do so.

Try to also have a blog about being able help people. There’s a saying that you can get anything you want if you help others get what they need also. Say yes more often?

Going to start a comment site to get people to tell me what kind of advice they give to their younger selves and how what they would like to see happen for themselves in the future?


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