Last night

Last night

Thursday, June 28, 2018

So I like to save money but last night I was hankering for some salad because the broccoli I had for lunch with chicken and pumpernickel was upsetting my colon. So I went to Kroger and got me some of their sushi which they have. It was a dragon crab roll I believe with a spicy mayonnaise type paste. Some wasabi and pickled ginger. Basically rice and imitation crab. They had a deal for $5 Sushi Wednesdays. This would normally cost $7.99. Then I grabbed stuff from their salad bar which was $5.99 I think and it had an Italian theme. I was a bit sad that they didn’t have mushroom or olives that day. They had blue cheese and pepperoni and pepperoncini’s that day. I was a bit worried about salami type meats in the past due to allergies but I didn’t have any problem last night. No runny noses or sneezing or rashes. I had some kidney beans and mixed green leaf salad. I tried to stay away from normal lettuce and kale because it’s a bit rough. I had various cheeses, ham and chicken. Their cauliflower looked moldy and I definitely didn’t feel like broccoli again. I also stayed away from heavy creams and other items that were mixed. No sesame seeds etc. I did get some of their Zesta crackers. I know it’s sometimes cheaper to buy stuff in bulk and packages but sometimes you just have to treat yourself. I also don’t normally get donuts but decided to get some glazed donut holes and put them in the freezer to preserve them. They were 2 for $3 or $1.50. They had all these donuts and breads and sour cream glazed donuts but I wasn’t really into that. And powdered ones on sale. I felt a bit open and vulnerable walking through that section because I know it’s kind of unhealthy to be looking at that. I kind of like the big enclosure of the aisles where you can get lost in there. Maybe that was also it and why I felt a bit uncomfortable and out of place for a short period of time. I don’t shop that area much. I also got me some smoky chips and some jerky. And also a Bai drink that was blood orange I think. We had some burnt garlic bread that was served at the house and I avoided that. Then I paid a cable internet bill. Reviewed my Internet usage which as between 28Gigs a month. April was 65GB and I think this month was also above 48 this month. But normally about 28 or so a month. My Data plan on my phone is only 5Gigs so I am not surprised. Am happy I got unlimited.

Too much sitting or hot sauce in the mayonnaise… Bathroom aftermath hurting some… Might have injured something. Had some smoky chips for breakfast this morning, oatmeal and blueberry waffles with maple syrup. I didn’t have any Fresca last night. I think the stuff makes stuff green.

Checked stocks again and everything is down roughly 2%. Has been a rough market. Gonna start upping my 401k amounts so a bit worried.

I centered my mattress because it was falling off its platform last night and took off the pillow last night. Neck not hurting as much as last night and I wasn’t on my phone staring down all night. Too much time staring down.

Went to grocer’s cause have to live every now and then.


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