Rash is back with a vengeance 06302018

Rash is back with a vengeance 06302018

Saturday, June 30, 2018

So I was surprised last night that I had red spots on my left hand again. I didn’t think I had anything that would have caused this but it might have been the apple that had a little bit of sticker gunk on it and was in the bag. It could have been the banana or it could have been the pumpernickel bread also. I was riding home on the bus last night and using the cellphone and then my left hand was also facing the sun to block it from getting into my glasses and hurting my eyes.
So yesterday I went to Skyline for the second time in my life. I had two chili cheese coneys. They also gave us a serving of oyster crackers. I ordered basic french fries while my friend ordered some Funnel Fries which is basically flour in the shape of fries and is a bit crunch and covered with powdered sugar. I also had some Mug root beer.
I avoided the hot sauce they had there but I still had some problems probably because of all the onion and cheese or spices. I had a big hive type reaction when I went back to the apartment about 5 hours later. I think I ate about 6:30 or so and it was about 7 or so when I left. So 4 to 5 hours for the big reaction on my hand to happen. I didn’t even pet any animals. Although I did use some hand soap.
I don’t know if it’s the chocolate or cinnamon that’s causing the reaction.

I was a bit embarassed that we went to Yung Chen(?) market place to look around and they only had the ability to pay in cash if you were paying less than $10. Couldn’t do a credit card. So my friend spotted me. Place had interesting things and a lot of fish stuff in the back and Underworld bank notes.

We hung out and talked about how to get the site to look. Talked about the layout of the site and want it maybe to have a WDG WordPress type layout. I told my friend how to upload and update things. And learned there was a WordPress app also for blogging.

Was glad my friend was able to get her house buying/selling tasks taken care of. I left about 12:15 after midnight.

I had bought some aloe vera juice and apple juice cider soda last night. Also had donut holes before bed and a few crackers. Breakfast this morning was waffles with maple syrup. I had baked potatoes and steakums. Then I had some black beans, some weird cabbage, carrot, tomato combination and a bit of chicken and turkey. I had the leftovers this evening with some rice and some Italian bread this evening and some of the hot sauce. I haven’t had the aloe vera this evening yet. But I have been having minihives again through out the day. Not sure what’s causing that or if I’m allergic to cats or something. It is odd to me. I was just kind of sitting in my bed.

Today I edited some video clips based on the Academy Awards Gaffe of 2017.

And then also found a clipart of a dinosaur that I want to use.


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