Sunday of July 4th

Sunday, July 1, 2018

So today I have been tired and sleepy. I don’t know if it’s my diet or what but I had mini hives today and also maybe from the peppers I had in the hot sauce. I had some donuts this morning and aloe vera juice and then went back to bed in my bed. I woke up. Had some more food I think.. Lunch was a tortilla and broccoli and steakums I also had some rice and bean soup and ground turkey with the cherreon type vegetable. Then I worked on my blog to try to do some optimization of the code and the site. I figured out that I may need to edit the CSS or so to add the search function and found out that the widgets function can add panels on the site but the facebook and twitter widgets require log in. I am trying to get images to display on my page and pull them in every time. I also played with CSS implementations of the site. I think J.S. messaged me on Real Estate. A.M.B trying to get me into this crypto education seminar group. J.L. hating FB. I might be over posting. I need to get site up and do the QR. Neck bugging me all day. I stretched some but still no good. Used neck pillow. Was downstairs and now upstairs typing.


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