Blogging Must Do’s


Blogging Must Do’s

Friday, July 06, 2018

These are some notes that I am doing to journal what is going on with my site. Just thoughts. So if I or an editor, author, etc is editing it needs the following:

Need a title.

Need a date of article.

Need some content at least half a page long.

Need pictures.

Need a featured image.

Needs to have an ending paragraph or a question, call to action to help audience members engage. Not every article needs a question but should sometimes have a link to follow and read more. Or just enjoy the article as is. Readers will keep coming back if it’s informative & educational, entertaining or useful to them. Sometimes they may use your site as a reference.

Be open and encouraging. Engage your audience and encourage contests and promotions or to help the community and contribute. Be excited and enthusiastic about your topic.

Be fun and utilize latest technologies and social engagement tools to encourage participation.

Allow people to freely comment and engage as long as it meets guidelines and give them a chance to learn the rules of your site. Be reasonable.

Don’t trick people into clicking on links. No crazy pop ups. Don’t waste people’s times. Be accurate and correct. Don’t make stuff up. If you put incorrect information, apologize and fess up and tell how you can be better. Be ethical.

Be upfront about fees and what you’re offering and getting in return if you run affiliate ads. Treat your audience as you would like to be treated as a viewer yourself.

Keep email lists and posts to a minimum. Don’t spam. Make it super easy to subscribe or unsubscribe.

Be timely in contacting people back.

Find quick ways to get people to the site: QR code

Don’t offer someone to pay for content and jerk them around for something you yourself wouldn’t pay for. Explain why your offer is a good offer.

Get people to do what you like them to do by walking them through thought processes. They are more likely to take small steps than bigger steps.

Use original content. Emulating someone’s content style is okay but it needs to be your own content still. For example you can comment on another site or do a photo in similar style as someone but shouldn’t copy directly without you having it clearly differentiated and shown as creatively a different new work. Like if you like Picasso or Monet’s art print the style of his drawings and want to use it for a featured image make sure to do your own drawings but you can use their paintings as references.


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