Saturday Sleep

Today is Saturday, July 7, 2018

I was up late looking at some books last night and today I was playing around with some dating apps on the phone and social networking apps. I found most of them to be useless and if I ever am in the dating app industry or any of that I want the app to be free for the most part and have the ability to talk to people. You shouldn’t have to charge and pay to talk to people. There used to be Yahoo Messenger chat rooms where you you could spend time talking to people and nowadays that’s not available. And you have to go to bars and squat and sit and all that. I know in college I wasn’t super social and was invited to go out for a period of time but was more interested in computers because that was the wave of the future. I frankly thought computers were a lot more amusing and entertaining that people.

Anyways. Today I spent time using autoswipers and also just resting. But I think I need to go walking tomorrow to buy some items from the local store and just walk there. I have been quite unhealthy sitting all day. I didn’t sleep the best because my neck nerve was strained some last night. I think the bed is still messed up somehow and am not sleeping with any real pillow. This morning I had some Ritz crackers, white melon of some sort a then cooked Steakums. I had some Mustard type bok choy vegetable, I think, and rice and chicken and navy beans also. I had some hot sauce for lunch and then the same thing minus the Steakums for dinner. I also had a plum for dinner and no chicken. I had a tomato and tofu soup for dinner also. I have been reading this F.U $ book that J.S. sent me and also trying to work on the blog. Still hoping to do more by August. Tried to stand and read stuff on my laptop and lay down and look at it on my phone but was so tired all day. Wanted sweet foods for some reason. I think I had some Swedish fish for a quick snack for dinner and some maple syrup also. I also had some of the radish/cabbage/rice concoction my dad had made. My sister had made my Dad upset when they were talking about a toolbox and he wanted her out because he was so upset for some reason. I was cleaning the radio this morning with sanitizing towels and Lysol wipes and found that alcohol on the wipes with gloves made the job super easy. My dad wanted to keep the whey powder but it was so old and then my brother and dad ate pretty much all the pecans and nuts and put the rest of the canned food in the garage and was almost going to throw away my water bottles till I mentioned I spent probably $40 on that stuff and the Whey was about $50. He left it to feed the birds and squirrels.

I am wanting to buy a ipod Touch or something just to play with but need to save money. Crypto is going to $6.5k. Woke up probably to something upsetting colon last night bad or had to use bathroom.

I was using this renaming tool on my blog site and I think it confused some of the capital letters with lower case and generated old thumbnails. I had to log into [SG]’s file maintenance server just to delete them because it wasn’t refreshing the thumbnails.


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