Cindependent wk part 2

This is continuation of C Doyle & Cindependent

and Sunday July 15 2018.

and then I think what hurt me and got me all rashy this morning on my right hand on Sunday was I had some of the white cheddar savoritz cheese crackers that had anatto and whey and tumeric I can’t eat any of that stuff. So when I woke up on Sunday morning I was older like wanting to use the restroom or so I just you know what I eat a big meal it kind of messes my stomach up always had some of the seaweed crackers and I had some cherries this morning for breakfast I had some regular wheat waffles with syrup and also had some of the chicken some of the Brisk iced tea also had some what they eat nectarines I had for dinner some grapes some green grapes that are is and some of the orange cherries and some raspberries and I had some more brisk lemon tea and some of the coconut and lemon water which I also had last night I’m going to pack some of the tater tots with some lettuce and some land me tomorrow which I begged to take to work and then tonight I also had some beef vermicelli rice noodles tonight talked to Samantha just coming up talked about blogging and checking tunes and online you have been just watching some Richard Condie cartoons and doing Facebook and God Facebook friend did and just spend editing my Facebook privacy settings vacation and I also had some of the grape juice soda from I haven’t really eaten anything crazy this weekend other than maybe some with juices and maybe the cheddar stuff and even when I was at the filming can I really 8 was the he’s in Chips Ahoy peace I don’t have any Goldfish crackers I was holding this pickle in my hand or juice but I don’t think that would have mattered and I wash my hands their butt nothing that would have caused my hand to go like that hanging out with I don’t think I did anything crazy I just like wash my hands


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