Biz Dev II summary 07272018

Friday, July 27, 2018

Today I went to the Warren County SBDC Biz Dev II seminar and learned some interesting items about how to create branding and set up logos and get advertising for your company.

We had a opening speaking from who gave us some information about some of the techniques about setting up logos.

Mr. Stater of the SBDC also said that they have an average rate of 15% of the start ups versus 8% from other regions in the area.

The first speaker said that the logos need to be able to quick show 3 things.

  1. Industry – For example are you in jewelry or fashion or tech or the health industry?
  2. Niche – What subfield or subdivision are you in? If you’re in food do you just make bagels or waffles for instance?
  3. Personality of the owner – Each person has their own attitude and beliefs and you want to be able to show the beliefs and ideas of this in your branding. If you have a laid back attitude vs strict corporate culture this will be reflected in the logo.

When you start creating a logo, start off with designing using a black and white design and then start adding color. If you have an effective design then it being black and white at first shouldn’t take away from it. They also mentioned that certain colors are used more frequently in certain industries for example, blue, is often used by financial institutions and banks. If you want to use the color perhaps you should use softer versions or baby blue versions.

They mentioned Hi Tech logos versus Hi Touch scale with Hi Touch being on the lower end from 1 through 4 and 8 through 10 on the higher end.

And example they use was Build a Bear’s logo which is classified in the lower end range from 1 through 4 while IBM is in the upper range from 8 through 10.

Hi Touch conveys a “more caring, warm and fuzzy and feminine” look while Hi Tech is a bit “more impersonal and masculine” look. If you want it to appear more on the lower end of the scale you use a combination of feminine elements and colors and fonts while the High Tech has more boxy masculine lines and colors.

Finally, they recommend to keep the logos simple and try to keep them as vector graphics to make them easy to scale or resize.

The Scripps presentation talked about owned media vs paid media vs earned media which is word of mouth. They talked about younger generations not using print media. They talked about guerilla marketing using unconventional methods of advertising like spilled coffee cups or statues and sculptures or integrating it into surroundings and landscapes or escalators. They said the Facebook will start requiring payments to have a business page. They used and iClicker+ to allow us audience members to participate in surveys during the presentation with multiple choice voting.

Some of the slides were from Hubspot and LeadGen and Excelacon?

The Press Releases you give to get in the news has to be news worthy and a sales tool. Give good quotes.

The most used social media outlets are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Twitter.

They talked about Sales Funnels and the Zero Moment of Truth, about Direct mail, B2B, B2C and They say that ad budgets should be between 6 to 7% of your budget up to 9 %. They said the digital media and advertising will be 36% higher than TV by 2020. They talked about Unique Selling propositions and how getting on TV is about $15 at 3a.m. per spot but up to around $100+ for prime time spots per ad.


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