How is the week finishing 07272018

Friday, July 27, 2018.

The week is ending quite well. I have a very slight single either pimple or raised bump on my left arm about 2 inches from my wrist. Last night I had cherries, a spicy chicken sandwich from Walmart that was overly hard, part of a chicken feta Caesar sandwich and some watermelon juice that was freshly squeezed and bottled that came from Walmart.

I had for breakfast this morning some microwaved baked chicken that I wrapped in aluminum foil on my way to the dealing with media SBDC conference, some cherries and the watermelon juice with some water. Then I had a piece of the white Macadamia cookie for lunch for Walmart, some club crackers. It’s National Chili Cheese Dog Day today so I decide to swing by the one in our neighborhood to see if I could get a free cheese coney. I ate one coney and some of their fries and a Pepsi and now it is about 1:30 to 1:55 and I fell quickly into a odd coma and then woke up fresh at 2pm. So far no major allergies maybe a sneeze hear or two or sleepy sluggishness and slight itchy left arm with tiny pimple bump but no major issues. I flipped my mattress over around Wednesday night I believe and my back isn’t so sore today but maybe it’s just so much time spent at work. Nose runny some a bit around 2:14.. not sure if cookie or soda or coney related.

J’d shower. Slept. Neck mostly okay with a bit of crack here and there. Conference was useful but not entirely relevant to me at this time. Gonna continue to work on blog. Contemplating on working or going to an extra thing on Sunday but not sure. A.H. of R/D asked for release form but never sent that or her other form and was abrupt saying if didn’t get could give credit for film. Got back but after much work trying to contact. Not very understanding.

Lesson: Give people the benefit of the doubt. Be patient.

Other lessons: Be upfront about pricing (SCORE mishap) and follow up. SCORE never got back with me about trying to go over biz plan.

Don’t charge for obvious services, the guy at SBDC says don’t work for free. Well I disagree sometimes buddy.

Give good service. And try to be good to all cause you never know who you’re dealing with.


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