National Chili Dog Day 07262018

Today is Yesterday was National Chili Dog Day!

Friday, July 27, 2018

[Quick note: Per I had already missed National Chili Dog Day by the time this article was written so that’s why I didn’t get my free chili dog that was available the day before. Well I guess I will need to check the calendar more often!]

I first saw a meme on Facebook with Canadian rapper, Drake, motioning “no” to Gold Star chili and “yes” to Skyline and even though it was silly and funny and had the hashtags #NationalChiliDogDay and #SkylineChili I thought it was fun enough to make me want to try a test of my own.

A few weeks ago my friend and I waltzed down to Skyline to try their food. I had only been to Skyline and Gold Star a few times in my life. That time would be my second time. I ordered two of their chili dogs and also some of their fries which were simply shoestring fries. And I think I had water to drink likely. My friend ordered a plate of their funnel fries which is basically flour in the shape of straws and with powdered sugar. Our presentation looked really nice at the Skyline out there near the Jungle Jim’s in Fairfield and the waitress was extremely friendly and attentive. We noticed they had a very nice family atmosphere, USB friendly power charging ports and regular 3 prong ports, diner seating and booths, Reds-friendly art in a corner and plenty of snacks for kids to order and nice bathrooms. It was just a street over from the Gold Star.

I thought it was a delicious meal and my friend challenged me to eat more and more of the free oyster crackers till I literally couldn’t eat any more. *Not the best idea to eat too full. Also see allergen notice below. I think Skyline is cinnamon or cocoa based and also has onions and milk products and mustard they use.

Now today I went and got basically the same order without the funnel fries because I went alone. I found these two articles:


I had confused the days also on this and today is actually Friday but the promotion was for Thursday so I missed on the days. But I got myself 2 Cheese Coneys, 1 Fries, 1 Regular Pepsi, And then Onions and Mustard on the side.

*I have an allergy it seems to certain spices and condiments and cheese and onions and paprika tend to do it too me and I break out in hives. So far I haven’t had any symptoms for about 4 hours from eating anything today.

Disclosure: I am also not affiliate with Gold Star Chili, Skyline, The Reds, WLWT or Jungle Jims or the city of Fairfield, Facebook or Drake.

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