Podcasting and WordPress

Podcasting and WordPress

Saturday, July 29, 2018

Today I didn’t have any major rashing or anything although I have a tiny dot on my left arm near my left wrist. Not sure if acne or bite. Anyways, Today I went to one of the Meetups that was about Podcasting and he talked about Dr. Who and also different microphones you can use. I am sure he is getting some kind of affiliate commission from pushing his brand of microphones but he was advertising that and his Dr. Who blog and also talked about Audacity for sound editing. I chimed up and talked about Adobe Acrobat. I think it may have been easier to just keep quiet because for the most part I knew most of the information in there. They had people from all different levels of knowledge.

Had cherries, kidney beans & chicken and rice for lunch. Had some homepopped popcorn with salt and maple syrup. Had some of the potato crisp fries from Calbee. Had some fruit mix of pineapple, cherries, watermelon, canteloupe. Had bits of baked chicken.

Took a nap between 4 to 5. Tried to work on site some. I think I have the hang of this website thing. Just need to start. Gonna get a nap and hit it again later.


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