Last Day of the Month 07312018

Last Day of the Month

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

So, how far have I progressed on the website? I extended the time frame on the website revamp and am going to change up some ways I do the site. Revamp, work on logos, maybe start working on affiliate links and maybe go back and change the articles written. I really need to work twice as hard. I have my business plan somewhere and need to go back and do that all tonight if I get a chance. Need a new desk and maybe different chair at home to relax in. BTC is going down and stocks tanks badly last night. $2.5k almost alone in several accounts maybe. Is it overvalued. Thinking of investing more. Macbook, iphone red and more working out. I need to get motivated. Almost done with the f.u. book also.

I got two TomTom OneXL’s with one cord and it was pretty neat from Freecycle. And then I went and got green grapes, some kale burgers and Boca veggie burgers, some cinnamon raisin mini-bagels and also some spinach flour wraps, bacon habanero corn chips, cheese and also had some rice, baked chicken and radish concoction with green tea later that afternoon and a whole thing of Honey Oh’s.

The Kroger there was hard to navigate. Couldn’t find pitas there.

I am going to finish reading the book tonight, get some new shoes soon. Maybe pull $2k to put into tech and BTC and phone. Started looking up some Craigslist and Freecycle again. May be able to sell or donate some old goods. Need to donate magazines to library.



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