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Saturday, August 4, 2018

Today I have some back problems. It started last night. I woke up on Friday morning with an aching injury type pain or discomfort. I think it came about when I was either flipping my mattress around or maybe due to doing 30 push-ups in poor form. I also did the Jx2 and may have weakened or compromised my system from the stressors in the body. Darn you MRB who showed me those photos. So anyway, my pops thinks it is from all the fruit and cherries and grapes I’ve been eating and all the acidity. I haven’t had a lot of milk or egg products so may not have been getting enough vitamins in my diet. I drank a cup of milk in the morning and a hard boiled egg and then I had one this Saturday morning also. Last night I had a banana, bowl of radish carrot fried sticky rice and a whole baked chicken. And this morning for breakfast I had 2 oatmeal cookies, a part of a cheesecake, dates, and also some popcorn and also milk and a hard boiled egg again. Lunch was kidney beans and chicken in a pot with barley and also rice. I also had a Boca veggie burger and part of lamb meat in a flour spinach wrap. I had the rest of that for dinner, that is the lamb and burger and spinach wrap and some rice and kidney bean and chicken. And I had some more kettle popcorn and some water.

I  had a serious aching and soreness and was hunched yesterday morning from what ever happened or maybe it was the bed. And so I also tried to eat my fruit cherry and grape breakfast and go to work. Decided to go swing in the garage but didn’t totally help. As I walked out the door I had my first throb and back seized up for a second and I almost knelt to the ground and dropped it to the ground. Saw ant and didn’t want it to get into bag. Went to my car. My car isn’t quite aligned seat-wise so will need to fix that. I then got to my stop and I was about to walk to the bus stop when it throbbed again and I had to throw my suit case to my car and catch my breath. Guy in opposite car noticed. I started stretching. Got to work and was walking and stumbling slowly. Had to go see nurse. Did ice pack at first with duct tape strapped to back and then later in the afternoon did the heat pack but almost couldn’t make to third floor without stumbling. Bad. Left around time R.C. left.

Got home and started parallel bars and dad helped me also with getting on a soft cushion and swinging. and bicycling while lifting legs and also swinging and kicking forward back and forth or pull up bar. Slept on first floor on mat last night. Banana settled poorly on stomach. Woke up few times in night and had major difficulty last night pulling legs to chest. And also rolling over. Going to do more exercises. Thermacare and go to bed on first floor. Raise legs. Talk to T.W. and get some rest.


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