Back at work after back snafu

Back at work after back snafu

Monday, August 6, 2018

2:56 PM 8/6/2018
Today I am using the new Florsheim shoe.
I have deflated the back of my chair some because it was pushing my back out too much. I am sitting a bit more naturally no but it is still pushing up on my hips somewhat. I have my neck rest tilted forward some. I take it they don’t really care how ergonomic your chair is as long as you can still do the work.
I have been able to do more walking today than Friday. The cushioning I think in my shoe and the odor eating insoles also add layers to keep away shock.

For lunch I had some chicken, rice, and also some bittermelon vegetable.
Breakfast consisted of a slice of cheesecake, some grapes, some kettle popcorn, and also an egg and rice cereal with milk. Sitting here though at my chair I am getting quite itchy.

I would like to go to the pool with T and just hang out one afternoon or go to Carillon or some other place.

Last night I slept on two white foam boards and it was relatively sore for my lowerback and uncomfortable for my neck but I feel no pain today at work from my neck. I did eventually use a sweater to prop up my neck on top of a flowery pillow with a shirt. The part near my waist I put one blue sweater to add softness. And then near my feet I added another pillow that was the blueish plaid pillow and added a shirt or two and used it to prop up my feet. I slept from 4am to about 5:50am and them got up to shave and shower. Still had enough time for breakfast and to go to work. I think my bed is probably what has been doing it to my neck.

My upper back has been sore this afternoon. Probably too much lifting my own weight and also doing pullups.

So to recap here are things that I think caused all my problems:

Sitting too long at work and no exercise,
Drinking a whole regular size of Pepsi from GoldStar the other day
Letting T sit on my hips a few times
30 pushups done in poor form the around wednesday
Back pushed out due to the blanket and all that on my couch.
Trying to lift my 80 pound Sapira spring hybrid bed and flip it over myself
Too much fruit and acid? Cherries was my dad’s theory.
Lack of stretching. Lack of sleep. Bad position in bed.

My physical therapy timeline from Friday to Monday.
Friday I noticed that no matter what position I was in my back felt this dull sharp pain in bed. Flipped over to the other side of the bed and felt a bit better.
Then I got up and walked downstairs and was feeling that hunchback dull pain even more and sort of achy. I knew it was coming from my back somehow. I had some cherries and light breakfast but then went to the garage to do some swinging exercises intuitively but it wasn’t long. By the time I was on my way out I had my suitcase and almost lost my balance and strength in my back as I was halfway on the sidewalk connected to the driveway. I stumbled and dropped my suitcase cause that was the first sharp back pain I’ve ever really experienced. I had another one as I got out of my car near the bus stop and had to throw my back on the hood of the car and catch myself and get ready to walk some more. There was a guy in the next car that sort of likely was perplexed. Got to work and getting off the bus was worried about stumbling but got in okay. Greeted coworker and let them know strained back last night while lifting bad.

Around break I decided to go to the nurse because it was getting bad, slow movement, random points my back would give out from lack of strength and also sore. I felt if I don’t get some help now might not be able to do more work eventually. So went back to my floor and let front desk know.

I also notice my hand was breaking out in redness. Is it the chili sauce from the stinky tofu, soaps, irritants from touching soap or things in the basement or on the parallel bar?

Best PT exercises:
Get a 9 inch by 9 inch


Felt like a bit of tightness in heart and tingly sleepy left arm last night.

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