Sunday happening 08122018

Sunday happening 08122018

Today, I am just working on my blog very slowly. I went grocery shopping and got more Thermacare wraps for my neck and back. Got some cherries at Kroger and some organic carrots and also bought a bunch of colorful peppers, some sprouts, some breads, some wheat bread. Bought some sliced jicama, some triple creme brie,  had some Steak Ums for breakfast. Had some super food juice that had spirullina and chorella and kale. Bought some turkey sausages also.

I had a Simple Truth Organic Egg that had an egg shell that was cracked when I got home. I fried it up as soon as I got home with some kimchi, onions, and brie. Breakfast was some wheat squares and milk.

My legs and hip is sore. I had a heat pad on my neck all afternoon. And then I have a bit of aching and tension on my right leg.

I had bought some a smoothie drink from the healthy drinks aisle which was a cold pressed drink with kale and cucumbers and chorella and spirulina


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