Carpal Tunnel 08142018

9:53 AM 8/14/2018

I will create a blog every day.
I will create a podcast twice a month.
I will try to create a video broadcast twice a month.

I will gather pictures to be used on my blog.

I will try to highlight some of the artists in the local community.

BTC was down to 5.9k but then jumped again. Trying to get it low again.
Have some hip and nerve tingling on my right leg.

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Use it or lose it.

Flossing the nerve through the hip.

Today I had multigrain cheerios for breakfast and milk. I had some chicken for breakfast.

I had some rice, sprouts, romaine lettuce and chicken for lunch.
My right hip still feels discomfort as well as near my knee region.
My left side of neck has some discomfort and pressure.

Film affiliate links

Create a site to interview people.

Joe Z.
Joe C.
My G
Lan R
Stev F.
Jay Kal
Bec S
J Laws
Ch Chn
G Agn
Eliz H
J Elf

OIO Publisher plugin or WP 125 to sell advertising.


Should I publish my blog even if unfinished


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