Don’t eat too much of this bad stuff 08282018

Salted and curing
In 2015, the International Agency for Research on Cancer of the World Health Organization classified processed meat, that is, meat that has undergone salting, curing, fermenting, and/or smoking, as “carcinogenic to humans”.[35][36][37]

Today I kind of surprised myself because I ate some of the wheat generic Life cereal knock off that Kroger sells with oat flour and yellow food coloring and I had milk with it but I went to work and had acid reflux when I was in the bathroom. Maybe ate too much or too much of the wrong thing or not enough sleep.

I ended up eating my uncured pepperoni stick and it was okay but then felt like a heart attack was gonna happen. So lose lose. Wanted to go buy more snacks but decided to not go through with it. Basically had 3 small boxes of yogurt raisins from Sunmaid. Had also some Kroger  chicken poppers, a Turkey sausage patty and Brioche hamburger bun.


Still looking at upcoming phones.

New & upcoming Android phones (August 2018)

Am a bit surprised at how close I am to breaking one of my psychological barriers in my finances. Still a ways to go but making good progress. Hopefully stocks will do well. I keep hearing how Zuckerberg and Buffet are frugal but sometimes want a new phone and laptop. We will see how that goes. Need to keep saving and working at it.


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