Loose Gas Cap Toyota

Loose Gas Cap Toyota

Tuesday, September, 4, 2018


Top Reasons Why Your Check Engine Light is On

1) Bad Oxygen Sensor
2) Loose or Damaged Gas Cap
3) Bad Catalytic Converter
4) Bad Mass Airflow Sensor
5) Bad Spark Plugs or Spark Plug Wires

Loose Gas Cap?

Why is it Important to Wash Your Toyota After the Winter?

Salt can rust out your car. So Add some underbody oil prewinter treatment.
Add Wax to car also. Wash vehicle after snow. Have a spray component to your car.
Avoid puddles also and plow trucks




Smell of bacon in the morning makes me sneeze… Milk and wheat cereal Life cereal equivalent, Turkey sausage and eggs and some water. Snapple Apple for lunch.
Raisins, dates, pumpkin seeds… runny nose
A tiny bit of itching or bump near the mole of inner right wrist. Neck a bit funny on left side. Hips okay.

Nike Fallout
Colin K


High Mileage vs Synthetic Oils


Lot of millenials are doing it now. Trying to retire early. Our parents worked hard in the industrial age and so did our parents’ parents. Maybe it’s a cultural generation gap thing or differing beliefs and respect for different things. Whereas previous generations respected hard work and common sense and tradition our current culture continues to appreciate going against the establishment and against convention. With Steve Job and Apple’s “Think Differently” slogan as well as Bill Gates dropping out of college and people like Zuckerberg and Bezos taking the path least travelled by we applaud and appreciate the counter-culturists more in this generation. We rail against rote teachings and memorizations and appreciate free thought, free thinking. In the above article we see that working hard definitely gets benefits for high income, but not everyone wants to live the high income high stress lifestyle. Our lives were not designed to work in high intensity high stress life styles for long periods of time. That’s why even though a lot of people in Eastern culture work hard jobs and stressful positions and end up sleeping on trains and passing out in the streets. It’s documented that people in Japan in trying to keep up with American life after WWII worked at incredible paces but at a cost of becoming workaholics. Life is made so you work to live, not live to work. And I didn’t understand that saying when I first heard it but I do now.

A lot of these people are feeling what I call “The Awakening”. Why am I working so hard? Is this all worth it? Am I trading hours of my life for more money and in essence enslaving myself to a repeating cycle of needing more money to keep up the lifestyle? A lot of these people are retiring at earlier years, 28 for Michelle Shroeder, Some people in their 30’s. Some in their 40s. The best years of their lives.

They are taking on the FIRE movement which stands for Financial Independence, Retire Early. Don’t spend your life in a black hole of consumerism. And don’t trade time for money if you can. Value the quality of life.

Some of those in the FIRE movement are often in the tech and finance industry and concentrate on the minutiae of getting the best reward and interest and best bang on their buck.

Great articles to follow include:
Mr. Money Mustache. https://www.mrmoneymustache.com/ (Pete Adeney)
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/financialindependence/

Retired Today at 38 (2.9% SWR) from financialindependence

Your Money or Your Life https://vickirobin.com/
Playing with Fire: https://www.playingwithfire.co/
Write a Financial Blog https://www.1500days.com/
Early Retirement Dude https://www.earlyretirementdude.com/
Our Next Life https://ournextlife.com/

Frugalwoods https://www.frugalwoods.com/

Millenial Revolution https://www.millennial-revolution.com/

Financial Freedom from CNN Money: https://money.cnn.com/2017/08/02/pf/early-retirement/index.html

They practice variations of FIRE.

And a lot of it them also practice modesty, downsizing and getting rid of huge mortgages. Many live off of investment accounts. They realize that time in life is too precious to be working for someone else. And they often save money by doing things that take a little more time, which they have when they are now “retired”. The key is living below your means.

Many people in life could simply have more time to pursue their creative pursuits and dreams if they weren’t working so much overtime and tied to menial tasks at work. When you have the money and achieve a certain finance independence you can start working on financial freedom.

Some of the people in the FIRE movement have also been lucky to have had some very good years in the stock market and Internet boom.
Many are worries about being dime-a-dozens at work and job hop to get the required skills to improve themselves. They aren’t satisfied with what their parents used to have with disappearing pensions and less job security and the possible phasing out of social security and are getting smarter about uncertainty in this economy.

Why be a slave to mortgage and home ownership when you never really own a home anyway? You don’t pay taxes it’s gone. With jobs consuming their full waking days and trying to take kids of kids and so much pressure it’s easier to just walk away and change the rules of the game. We have to be self sufficient because all those benefits and pensions and things that we were promised would be around were being pulled out from under us and the wool over our eyes. The banks being bailed out and job security and changing all the benefits. Get in and get out.

Tips to start: Stop eating out so many nights a week so you can build up wealth and then compound it faster.

Relocate to cheaper places aka arbitrage.

Blogging to create additional income

Spend more time with family and working out and around the house. Let time happen to let your portfolio grow. Read more and volunteer and cook. Less stress, be blessed.

Eliminate debt

Figure out your budget and net worth and how much you have incomewise
The trusth must come out.

Plan where to live and how to live. Retirement community? Nursing home? Insurance…?

Figure out what retirement means? Traveling? Staying at home? Day to day?

Consider your tax strategies.

Reduce spending. Maybe more bonds as you get closer to retirement also.



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