That pesky check Engine Light

Drat! That Pesky Check Engine Light

You’re driving along the the road happy and content and happen to look down at the dashboard and fear hits you and a sinking feeling fills the pit of your stomach. What happened? Forget to eat a nice big delicious health breakfast?? No? Not this time. This time it caught you most unaware and it is that darn pesky check light. Now we know how annoying that can be and maybe you want to just ignore it but that’s not such a great idea. So here in this article we will tell you some common reasons why it comes on, common fixes, where you can go for help and costs.

A lot of time it is caused by the following:

Loose Gas Cap Toyota

Top Reasons Why Your Check Engine Light is On

1) Bad Oxygen Sensor
2) Loose or Damaged Gas Cap
3) Bad Catalytic Converter
4) Bad Mass Airflow Sensor
5) Bad Spark Plugs or Spark Plug Wires
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Basically malfunctioning old worn out equipment that may need to be replaced. Sometimes you may be able to fix something inexpensively if it’s something like a loose gas cap. Perhaps you overtightened that cap and now there is a crack or poor fit or maybe you have a problem with the airflow sensors.

You can get the check light checked for free at Autozone and they will give you diagnosyic info and an estimate. If it is something simple you may be able to replace yourself.

Costs for biggest repairs can run to a thousand for more pricey fixes….

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