Dental Scaling

What is dental scaling

4:15 PM 9/10/2018

Dental scaling is using a metal tool to pick at the plaque accumulations around the surface of your mouth. Over time your saliva and food accumulates food particles combined with bacteria wastes and things in the environment to create a sort of bacterial film on your teeth that can stick and block essential minerals like calcium and phosphorus or even toothpaste fluoride from reaching the surface or the microscopic tubules that are in teeth. So modern dentisty actually is often cosmetic. It removes this plaque and sometimes chips away and whittle and files down teeth. Sometimes a dentist will actually have this polisher that will be used if you have a chipped tooth to smoothen the surface. Some of the staff had this happen. A staff member here hadn’t been to the dentist in a while (decades) and had a seasoned dental assistant help clean the teeth which took about an hour. The reason they tell you to go twice a year is to get it cleaned from the deposits as well and. The dental staff was able to help stop gum bleeding, gingivitis and tooth decay.

Some things that we researched when learning about helping teeth stay healthy was we read a book about how to cure and prevent tooth decay naturally and it talked about how calcium from milk once a day was good to help fortify bones. We also found studies that suggested that fluoride and xylitol help create a stronger surface matrix on the teeth and finally that foods with K2 like Gouda and Brie may help also keep teeth strong. While I will leave the science up to the experts it may be something worth looking into in your particular situation.

We have also found that flossing helps remove particles that can get lodged in between teeth making it hard to brush such as candy and bits and pieces of popcorn versus fruits and vegetables and also that acid foods are not tooth friendly.

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