GS Chili Hives & Red eyes

1:52 PM 9/13/2018
Breakfast was 1 egg, turkey sausage, Jarlsberg cheese, milk and rice krispies – Kroger version

Then lunch was rice, broccoli, baked chicken, pumpkin seeds, original Pringles, dates, pumpkin seeds.

Lunch for yesterday was gold star with
chilli cheese coney, fries with a bit of hot sauce and oyster crackers and ice water and a starbrite mint. Told them not a lot of onion and not a lot of mustard, Big plate of fries. also ranch dipping sauce

Had hives on my right hand and then bed: red eyes… eating to rash 2 hours time

Dinner last night was rice and some radish and carrots and cabbage all mixed together with. Had snapple tea and also fried chicken from Walmart and some egg with some “gu tsai” vegetable.


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