Morning Journal 10012018

Might have hemmorhoids this morning, something bugging inside today while sitting here

Had chicken soup and chicken last night, waffles for breakfast with syrup


This morning I had eggs, sausage, monterey jack and milk and some yogurt crisp cereal.

Hips a bit sore. Slight impinge

Also some falafels. maybe it’s the spices from last night or the chicken soy sauce garlic, ginger onion and roasted color peppers that did me in for bum…

crispy pan fried salted cabbage and chicken was good last night


had some snapple also.

and a potato pancake. maybe that’s what’s causing issues. yogurt with milk chocolate pieces and peanut butter the other day.

nose was sniffling.


Also had some Mangum chocolate ice cream which may have some almond, cream, annatto


arms aren’t breaking out recently. Maybe cause I had been going to the bathroom to often before and wasn’t getting enough nutrition in my diet due to purging so often


had some dark chocolate coffee beans today to try to wake me up.


I think I may be allergic to either olives or maybe the magnum ice cream bars or maybe even the stir fry with onions and ginger.

Or maybe it’s the cheese with dill.


Been eating grapes a lot lately with canteloupe also. And dropped some cookies and washed, microwaved, ate… so not sure if these are causing problems.


Found a penny this morning.


Becare what you tweet TSLA


Who do you want in the trenches with you like Tai L. says? Someone that has never touched a rifle and is a good guy or has battle scars and war wounds and says bring it helping to protect you like Wolverine? Obviously you want someone who has experience.


Don’t hang around shallow and superficial d-as–s because they only carry certain kinds of purses and talk and talk all flightly and feather. Totally dumb. And they take advantage of people and always probably will. Thinking all princessy. And they remember shallow things like your b-day but can’t remember that you’re sitting in a reasonable accom ergo chair and your back is still f-d up weeks ago and only been 4 weeks and can take up to 8 wks. And you want me to carry around a comp work station for someone else. B! get off your own a– and do it yourself. You start to resent and pity the fools that can’t even do stuff like that.


Smart people are all kinds. You don’t have to sugar coat things but don’t be a sucker. Don’t be so soft hearted you let people walk all over you.

You don’t have to cuss and swear all the time but you don’t have to be a spineless jellyfish.


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