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Monday, October 1, 2018

[Disclaimer we are not a medical health provider and medical therapy advice should be taken under supervision from a trained physician. These exercises are mentioned only for educational purposes only.]

Was going through a thrown hip and hurt spasming back a month ago from trying to do improper lifts, getting back into sudden exercises such as 30 to 50 pushups from months of no push ups, and also sitting in a couch that leans too far back with no proper support or sitting in an ergonomic chair with over inflated lumbar support or improper angles or drinking soda like Pepsi that etches away at your bone possibly. Found that P.T. actually helped the most.
Ice and heat made it worse to where the swelling and twisting and turning of the back was next to impossible.

Good leg exercises to help you stretch per P.T.

-Rolling your shoulders backwards
-Flexing your shoulders back trying to make your shoulder blades touch each other
-Chin tucks looking forward
-Laying down and opening your arms as wide as possible like a butterfly flapping.

Things my physical therapist did:
-Hold my head in a slight elevated position under my neck.
-Pull on my arms left and right
Pressing and leaning on one of the legs to help my hips realign
Foam ball behind head rolling up and down
foam ball behind pressing backwards into wall
– Head leaning to left or right and arm helping lean
-Head leaning toward inner thigh and arm helping lean
– using a towel behind neck and using to help pull head to right or left
– using a lightly weighted cable pull to pull straight back trying to make shoulder blades touch
– Using a lightly weighted cable pull, sitting and bringing the cable straight down without straining neck

Things I learned
-Hanging on a parallel bar with arms propped on beams and kicking feet forward and then to the back
-Hanging on a parallel bar and then kicking your and lifting legs as if bicycling
-Standing on a foam block with one foot while the other dangles off the side and swings back and forth. Repeat for the other side.
-Hanging pull-up with leg kicking in bicycle motion or kicking forward or back
-Standing on the stairs with legs propped up on third stair and stretching
-Standing on the stairs, one leg on second stair and leaning down trying to bring one leg to the chest while the other is straight back and allowing the lean
-Swinging hips in front left to right instead of forward and back. Kicking back and also kicking forward as well
-One leg as if trying to do a lotus position, the other straight back and leaning on the ground trying to open up
-One leg bent, the other behind while you’re in a half vertical position and then flossing your hips back and forth

If you feel pain in the inner thigh then stop
Make sure you eat at least some eggs and sausage or protein and milk to give your body a chance to recover on days like these. I was eating some cheese cake and rice carbohydrates and chicken a few of these days.

They say RICE which is rest, ice, compression and elevation helps but it’s hard to elevate a back or hip.
I was sleeping on a foam board on the ground to reset my back and had some blankets on the ground to help it not be so hard and also some sweaters and clothes to make it softer. Did this for about 3 weeks and did this for a while.

When it came time to try to sleep on the Sapira mattress I got on a chair and flipped the mattress over using my arms and legs and 1 other person to help and pretended it was a deadlift.

I find that as long as I have some blankets under my head it doesn’t hurt my neck. My neck seems to be partly reset with still very slight crick.

Is a good idea to wiggle you body back and forth or hold your arm against something and pull or push, all different angles or knees against a block and arms pulling on the back of the block.

You can also lie on your back with legs bent touching the ground. Then take one of your legs and bend it up and lay it on the other and then pull the leg arrangement toward your shoulders as far as you can.

The other type of exercise is again both legs bent and you’re lying on the ground and bottom touching the floor then extend only one leg out with the other still bend and use your bent leg to lift your lower body up a tad bit with bottom off the ground. Repeat a few times and switch legs.

Every day you need to exercise at least 30 minutes. Make it a point every day to get a yoga mat or balance ball or some place you can lay out and stress. Do hot yoga or sauna or get a hot shower. Stretch.

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