Tips to stay healthy before autumn

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Stay hydrated and healthy

8:05 AM 10/1/2018


With the weather changing for fall and temperatures changing and fluctuating as well as the upcoming time changes for the end of Daylight savings time, it can wreak havoc on the body’s immune system.

That’s why we have some simple tips to help you stay at your peak.


The other day the temperatures fluctuated between 40, 50, 70 and now 80. It’s hard to gauge sometimes what you need in order to dress warmly so some tips for those that sleep warm is to:


Make sure you have extra pillows and supports light blankets and thicker blankets close at hand so you can quickly and easily change to something more comfortable or add layers as needed.


Sleep in the dark to help your body get used to normal circadian cycles that your body needs.


Try not to stay up late past your normal bed times because just a little out of the normal cycle when combined with taking care of work, errands, kids etc can throw you off balance for several days.


Make sure to stay properly hydrated. You can easily dehydrate even in colder weather and your layers of clothes may hide the fact that you’ve been sweating.


Make sure to get some soup and clean foods that have no or little allergens. Some of our readers have dairy, lactose, chocolate/cocoa/nut allergies. So to help eliminate some of the possiblities of not knowing if its an allergy or cold or flue try to cut some of the excessive spices out and eat more cleanly. A bit of salt and spices helps maintain electrolytes and flavors but its a good idea to vary and rotate what you’re eating so you’re not re-exposing yourself every day to the same thing.


Get up and move around and stretch and take regular breaks from work or take some off days also to recuperate especially when things are getting hectic.


Don’t push yourself too hard at night and forget to sleep or overcaffeinate yourself to the point that you can’t sleep at night and get drowsy during normal day hours if you work first shift.


Keep plenty of toilet paper and tissues if you do start to have allergies and also cough drops. Some cough drops can have chemicals or medication that may bring on certain symptoms that will clear or eventually help clear what is ailing you.


SLEEP is a necessary component in life even cars don’t run 24/7 and have to stop for routine maintenance and engine checkups. So too you need to eat as well as sleep in order to keep things running smoothly. That means also even if you’re not sleeping your eyes need a rest from all the looking you do on a daily basis. Your eyes probably are one of the most used parts of your body besides hands and mouth and feet. If you have been falling asleep near the end of the day earlier or slow to start in the morning then quite likely you are lacking sleep!


Although for some people caffeine can elevate deeper sleep levels when they do finally sleep it may not necessarily be the best sleep so try to make it a goal see if you can get an extra 20 to 30 minutes if you’ve been tired.


Bring a jacket with you in the morning even if you don’t wear it or a light sweater.


Don’t forget to close the windows before going to bed if you open it for some breeze during the day.


Set your house temperatures to something comfortable because the temperature may drop outside at night.


Spend some time away from the computer and phone and relax.

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