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Lifestyle is defined as the way one expresses onself in work and leisure and on an individual basis in terms of activities, attitudes, bahaviors, interests, opinions, values, allocation of income and behavioural orientation. It reflects a person’s self image and the way they see themselves and believe are seen by others.

-Vanity section-
Clothing & Shoes
Style & Fashion
Volunteerism – Girlscout/Boyscout
Social & Political Activism – Celebs
Personal hygiene
Feminine pads

For clothes try to find a fit and measurements when you first turn eighteen and find out what size you are. You’re turning into an adult and you will need to start wearing clothes that fit and flatter you for the workplace. Your body will still be changing but knowing your size will be important when trying to attend events that require suits or tuxedos such a friend’s wedding or if you’re going to be doing any sort of theater.
Shoes should be rotated on a weekly basis and you should have at minimum two working pairs and one gym shoe for walking or exercising.
It’s also helpful to have a pair of sandals for hotter weather and lounging around the house or one for showering.

Suits can be accessorized in many different ways and one thing that you can do is pair contrasting ties and bow ties, shirts, and french cuffs with cuff links or watches.

Usually I like to get at least two types of watches, one that is digital or sporty for my casual wear and one that’s a bit more classic and metal for my dressier outfits or suits.

Style. Men can buy groomers and nail clippers and filers. In order to be taken seriously it’s a good idea to keep your head and neck hair trimmed regularly, nose hair as well. Try to manscape your beard and keep your sweat areas dry such as armpits, groin and feet. Powder can be very good for doing this.

Colognes that I find are especially useful and classic to include in your collection.
I find that Million is a hit or miss and makes some of the ladies a bit standoffish.
Other scents.


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