Logitech MX705 mouse review

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Wireless mouse Logitech MX705(?). I find this to be a good mouse. Bought this off of Amazon and has a DPI of … and laser rate??? of … The batteries take two AA’s and is said to be able to last 3 years. It is a wireless cordless mouse and the only qualm was just that when I first opened it it had a mini USB dongle type attachment that you can leave attached to your laptop or PC and so it is easily hidden away and won’t protrude too far out. But that is was sort of hidden in the mouse battery compartment and there was not really any instructions in the packaging other than it was included but I didn’t know where and wasn’t immediately visible. After a bit of searching and opening I found the small blocky piece at the top inserted incognito into a slot just behind the mouse battery cover. I have been using this mouse on and off and it even has an on off button switch. Has a wheel scroller with button in the middle and two side buttons for quick forward and back. Overall the placement of the buttons is pretty good and feels solid as a mouse although some of the side pieces of the mouse plastic started to pull away either from the way it was stored or perhaps it had banged again something. Mouse was totally usable and this little separation didn’t affect the functionality at all. The mouse operates quietly, cooly and no visible issues and also fast. I didn’t notice any lag time when doing any of my normal operations. I would recommend or order another on of Logitech’s products as they make solid good products.


The MX705 is a wireless mouse that can run up to three years on a set of AA batteries. This helps save money which is very important and it also helps save the environment from needless waste going into the landfill. You know it is low on battery life when a light comes on.

It uses a tiny wireless receiver that stays close and snug next to your laptop body so you don’t have to keep unplugging it just to move your laptop around and there’s no need to worry about it snapping off. You also add other keyboard or a mouse if it’s compatible to the signal thanks to this “unifying receiver”.

It includes a scroll button and laser grade precision. Does it use actual lasers?

It is sculpted for the right hand though

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